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New device for pelvic floor rehabilitation.


Nowadays, dysfunctions in pelvic floor affect to a high percentage of adult population, appearing prevalently on women (75% of all cases occur on people older than 35 and 50% on older than 65). Working on solving these problems from physiotherapy is an efficient solution that helps correcting and stabilizing such functions in men and women.

Three years ago, BIOTRONIC decided to study and evaluate the different tools that support the manual therapy of the physiotherapist, in order to determine the degree of efficacy and the risks that it could cause in the patients. It was about designing a device that would be situated in a range between therapeutics and maximum safety, while attending to one of our obsessions, the dosimetry adjustment according to pathology.

Our idea was to correct problems with other devices such as:

  • · Color changes in the vaginal mucosa.
  • · Disminución del flujo vaginal.
  • · Decreased vaginal discharge.
  • · Difficulty maintaining asepsis in applications due to the deterioration of prophylactics.
  • · Transits of electrical signals through undesired areas (uterus, ovary ...)
  • · Size of applicators.

In this way the EndoCav 360º is born, an intracavitary system for the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor with the following innovations:

  • · 360º emission: it rehabilitates adjacent tissue without direct contact.
  • · It distinguishes the different types of mucosa: external tissue, rectal mucosa and vaginal mucosa.
  • · Specific programs according to pathology: it is not the same to work on pain as on inflammation.
  • · High energy density emission without generating thermal effects.
  • · Short treatments: approximately 8 minutes average per session.

Next Saturday September 23 FisioFocus organizes a Conference on Physiotherapy in the Pelvic Floor at the University Rey Juan Carlos I in which we will attend to present EndoCav 360º in our stand.